ESNG meeting – 4 October 2018

Plenty of running at tonight’s meeting.  Good to see John B up from the wilds of the Kent coast, as well as the usual suspects.  Here we see some advanced electronics, wiggling the controller plug to make better contact….

Peter was running this lovely French Pacific, with a fascinating array of plumbing along the boiler.

Paul ran the customary Japanese goods, a colourful train headed by Bo-Bo-Bo diesels.

T’other Paul came up with this interesting Arnold model of an old German S-Bahn electric multiple unit.  Third rail, much as still runs in Berlin (and elsewhere) today.

John was testing a Swiss rake, that seemed to want to include a slip coach….

And Paul’s ‘N’ class mogul reminded me just how good a Farish model this was….

We also discussed an invite to exhibit in Redhill at a local Scout’s hobby show.  Just the four hours, but we thought we might as well go along, and have a sort of PlayDay and run some trains.  We can advertise the club and next year’s show, as well.  Hopefully, we’ll take a modest N-mod circuit, and Paul will bring a simple Kato layout as well.

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3 Responses to ESNG meeting – 4 October 2018

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog.


  2. Andy in Germany says:

    Lovely Japanese train,although my inner nerd refuses to let the “B-B-B” point go. The Japanese locomotives are DD51’s, which I am determined to make a model of one day, and are B-2-B wheel arrangement. Apparently the pressure on the middle wheels can be varied so the weight is better spread for industrial lines. If you look at the centre bogie you can see it is much smaller than the outer two.


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