On my workbench – a little distraction

With Stuttgart two weeks away, I had to admit that my modules just weren’t going to get finished.  Actually, I was beginning to lose interest in them again.  But I wanted to take something new along, so I thought I’d try and complete a little 400 x 400mm board to add to my two existing N-club modules.  A Walthers ‘Art Deco bridge’ forms the basis, and this is progress after one of the two weeks.  A bit of ballast, contours, and ground cover, and a box for the board, is needed.  I think that this is attainable next week, despite a few other things going on.

The interesting thing about this little module is that I have thoroughly enjoyed building it.  Perhaps this just confirms that I really do like little projects, and small, attainable layouts?

A little ‘believe it or not’ scenic item – spot the spelling mistake outside this Surrey school, and would you dare put it on your layout, then claim that it was a deliberate mistake?

And for the Webcam connoisseur, how about a live feed from the End of the World railway, in Argentina, in deepest Terra del Fuego.  The map shows the Beagle channel, and a nearby glacier.  I happened to surf by with three small steam locomotives in the station.

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2 Responses to On my workbench – a little distraction

  1. Oh how that mistake must grind those teachers gears! Lol.


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