ESNG PlayDay – 11 November 2018

Puts our hobby into a little perspective on Remembrance Sunday…..

Our family was, perhaps, fortunate – I had two grandfathers who fought in WW1, and my father was on the Normandy beaches in WW2 – and they all came home.  (One daren’t think too closely about this – if any one of them hadn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this.)  It is good to remember those who fought and lost their lives for the freedom that we enjoy.  I only question why it is the politicians of all nations, who sent their soldiers to war, who get to lay the wreaths in peacetime?

I’d better move quickly along….

After a fortifying curry, where Miles again significantly reduced the profit from the lunchtime buffet, we moved on to the afternoon PlayDay.  Only seven of us there, and we especially missed Paul, selling things with Mr Brightwell at Eurospoor.  But we got a good circuit together.

It was good to see some progress on Dave’s station, that will be most impressive when it is complete.  He has made extensive use of European buildings, but these make good UK city structures.


In character was Allan’s very old Lima German airport express unit, that ran better after a little oil and general lubrication.

Also in the old Lima department was Derek’s Deltic-O-Meter.  Note the new cab fitting on the right, that is a current meter to check the track.  Perhaps this will catch on with Railtrack????

I ran my Warship and a parcel’s train.


Brian was running this little Terrier with a goods train.

Two of Derek’s Eurostars.  An 8-car ‘shorty’ on the left, and a most impressive full length unit on the right.

Here, the full length train passes Allan’s Class 37 and silver bullets.

And Brian’s view of the afternoon:

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