Wittering Wednesday

Brian sent me another interesting video.  Good to see stream passing our local station.  I always forget to look and see what is passing through.

Thought I’d share Clan Line passing through Redhill on Friday the 9th November on the Belmond circular tour of the Surrey Hills, bearing a commemorative wreath of poppies.

And for the prototype for everything department.  Would this make a challenging animation?  A poor landing by the balloon, that probably scared the cr*p out of anyone using the facilities!

And you can now order the RevolutioN Sturgeon PW wagon.  Expensive, but no doubt it will be as good as the Class B tankers – RevolutioN are also no doubt learning from each release they make.  Do order some and get the numbers high enough for them to go into production – because I want three or four of them!!

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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