Stuttgart 2018 #3

My last set of photographs from Stuttgart (unless anyone else sends me some.)

We’ll start with the visiting Japanese module, accompanied by the students who built it, plus Mr Kato himself.  A well observed little model – I especially liked the river with its weir and bank protection (professional interest again….)


Ian Redman was exhibiting a lot of his “Small’N’Working’ micro layouts, together with three of his West Sussex conspirators.

We wondered how he got this one – in a full sized gun case – through customs.

A local modeller also had some dioramas and small layouts on show.  This is a bit smaller than Ian’s case, but is a very nice German version of the classic ‘Gum Stump and Snowshoe’ switchback layout.

But the beauty of this design is that the case itself slips into a continuous run fiddleyard board, allowing a minimum space shunting layout or a larger continuous run.


The T-track boards were there, as usual.  Here we are under Big Ben….

And the usual suspects could be found on the N-m layout.

Mark’s ‘Magic Roundabout’ must be the penultimate in fiddleyards (only penultimate, as their must be something stranger out there.)  Trains can arrive from any one of eight layouts and depart on any of the eight.  But no through running is possible onto another layout.  Automatic control means that (most of the time) you just press a button to change tracks.


The interchange between standard and narrow gauge was just behind the ESNG area.

Duncan’s 3D printed narrow gauge diesel is to scale, despite being dwarfed by the transporter waggons in the background.

And after the ‘Magic Roundabout’, we have the ‘Bermuda Triangle’.

It wouldn’t be Stuttgart without a train stuck in the helix….

And last of all, the nicest stock boxes that I have ever seen.  They are based on a commercial wooden box, but this mortice and tenon construction is rather fine.  The boxes stack and have trays inside for the stock.

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