Lehigh Valley coaches

A few weeks ago, Simon emailed me….

Did you see that they now have Lehigh Valley?



I hadn’t seen this, but quickly rectified the situation and ordered one of each number.  I hadn’t really intended to buy more American stock, but these coaches are one of my favourites.  This week, a small package arrived at the doorstep, containing….

Absolutely delightful, and a starter for the Lehigh Valley passenger train that is on my job list (and has been for years.)  Strictly, the roof profile should be straight, without the domed ends, but if you balance this incorrect detail against the quality of the model, it’s a no brainer!  It probably also ‘fixes’ the shade of Lehigh Valley Cornell Red to use across other models.

It does mean that I have three undecorated versions of these carriages, that I had intended to repaint.  And Rapido unpainted is closer to a kit – all the parts come separately to allow you to paint them before completing the model.

Anyone want a cheap bargain?? (Ed – already snapped up!)


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