On my workbench – mostly for the gloat box!

I’ve not made a lot of progress with railways recently, perhaps completing more shopping than actual modelling.  But here are a few odds and ends from the gloat box.

Repainting Microtrains and Atlas coaches into Lehigh Valley colours continues.  Having found a red that satisfies me, it’ll do for my home painted stock.  I bought a few pots of red and decided which one worked for me.  Interestingly, the ‘approved’ shade is BR Coach Crimson….

These coaches are not exactly right for LV heavyweights, but they’ll do the job.  Strangely, the red looks different in these pictures than it does to the naked eye, and the acrylic brush pot of paint is a slightly different shade to the enamel spray from the same company (with the same Halfords red spray primer.)  I give up!!


This unlettered black Bachmann 70 tonner was an Ebay bargain (a good price), and was too good to ignore.

A cheap Dapol ‘dummy’ Bubblecar.  I have no use for one of these units, beside the fact that I like them.  Perhaps I can couple it to the 70 tonner?

Another Ebay purchase – an NGS Seacow kit.  These are meant to be a pig to construct, but it’ll go well with my Farish one.

A little experimentation with European NEM couplers…..

Some Microtrains couplings to fit to my LV FA locos to pull the coaches….

And some Farish bits to finish off my NGS kits of Warflats and Warwells.  I have the loads in another box somewhere….

Other activities has included the continuing planning for N Gauge Southeast, and of course jobs around the home.

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2 Responses to On my workbench – mostly for the gloat box!

  1. Hakan Hessel says:


    What is the meaning of the word gloat box? Difficult to find.


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