Ron on the road again #2

Day 2, and plenty of snow in evidence!

A cold day started clear but the weather changed.  Went down to Chur and caught train to Arosa.  On leaving Chur it was starting to snow and by Arosa it was light but steady.  Decided to take a walk before catching the train but the light snow became a blizzard so dived to the cake shop/cafe we have used before for a hot chocolate and a cake until it relented.  When it had eased off I had 50 minutes wait for next train so rather than freeze on sthe tation I took a walk around the frozen lake.  On returning to Chur took train via Klosters to Samedan and for most of the journey it was verging on white out conditions.  It was snowing heavily in Samedan whilst I waited for train back to Filisur where light snow is falling.

Filisur am

Filisur pm

0800 Filisur to Chur

Langweis viaduct

Arosa station


Arosa bus

Carriage on Arosa to Chur station

Chur post bus station

Chur station


Samedan station


Arosa.  These pictures shows just how much snow they have had.




View from bedroom window – rather different from yesterday.

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