Ron on the road again #6

Day 6, and as usual, there’s plenty of snow:

Woke up this morning to find it was still snowing.  Decided on an easy day so in the continuing snow took 0904 to Davos and then on to Klosters, where I walked through village in the snow. Continued on down to Lanquart and about 10 minutes before arriving went through a tunnel to find the scenery had changed from white to green and the snow to rain.  Took a small break for a snack and got soaked walking from and to the station.  Carried on to Chur where I again walked round in the rain.  Coming back to Filisur picked up the lying snow around Reichenau.  Came up Albula Valley under cloud.  Arrived back at hotel to find deep snow still lying but roads are simply wet.

There was a notice at Chur Station that the route between Andermatt and Disentis was closed due to avalanche danger. Good job I did the journey yesterday as you U were being advised to travel via Zurich.

This will be last set of emails as I have to be on 0900 tomorrow morning to make sure I am at Basel airport in time for my 1515 flight home.

Views from the hotel in the morning





And the transport photos……   Train from Filisur to Davos

Train to St Moritz arriving in Filisur

Train from Filisur after arising in Davos

Klosters station





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