NGSE – 1

The show has been and gone, and I’ll admit to being very relieved.  And also delighted that it has been a great success.  The only problem with that is, everyone is already asking about 2020 – it’s too early to think about such things!

We arrived at the school 6pm Friday evening, expecting a big panic getting things arranged, but as it was the start of the Easter holidays, all the children had gone home early, and Chris had managed to clear the halls and start arranging things.  There were also plenty of ESNG members arriving to help put tables and chairs out where needed.  At 7pm the first early exhibitors arrived to set up.  And to my relief, the rooms were of the same size as when I measured them….

So to Saturday.  Up at 6am to be at the school by 7am or so, welcomed by this excellent banner.  Then three busy hours shepherding the rest of the traders and exhibitors into place.  And there were no no-shows, which is always good news!

By 9:45am, the cars were filling the car park, and the first minibus trip had dropped some additional punters.  At that point, I relaxed – it was going to be all right!

I did a quick run round the layouts, for a few photos for the record.  There are a few without trains, as I caught them before the show opened.

Sturminster Halt

Sutton Park

St Elizabeth Street

Bob and Ray of BH Enterprises.  They claimed that the radiator was too hot.  I think that they just weren’t talking….

Banbury.  Immediately recognisable if you’ve been there….


Little Ashton

Depot de Camion

Lightermans Yard.  An absolute favourite of mine, and the 2mm FS representative at the N gauge show.  I’ve always loved this Iain Rice track plan.  They were sensible enough to build it.


East Surrey N Gauge N-mod. Usual last minute panic to make things work!


And my Terrier collection returns.  It was still in the blue boxes, not being unpacked after Stuttgart in November, so it was easy to set up the display again!

Hedges Hill Cutting.  Another favourite – South London immediately recognised!


Ambleton Vale – no trains in these shots, but they are hardly necessary with all that lovely scenic work to look at.

Endale South – not as many Terriers as me, mate!

Rest next post.

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