NGSE – 2

Feedback from the show has been very positive.  Our aim was to keep the friendly atmosphere of the usual ESNG show, and that is a feature (most of the time) of N Gauge Forum.  We achieved that, aided by our cheery catering team for teas and coffees, and the school caters for the cheap bacon rolls (confession – I ate three through the day!)  Back to the layouts…..

Konigshafen – Nick had a boring day.  It’s his fault though – that’s what happens when you build a fully automatic layout.

Tenac – immediately recognisable as deepest France.  Good job Brexit was delayed, or we wouldn’t have let them in….

Leigh St George

Sutton St Annes

Southwark Bridge.  Another favourite layout.  Almost a Minories, and a south London terminus on brick arches – what isn’t there to like?


Rectory Grove – London trams in a realistic setting

Forrestone – more modern south London.  And did you spot Mr Bean on the bridge.  (It also occurs to me that the cliché ‘bus on a bridge’ as a scene block has been replaced by ‘Eddie Stobart on a bridge.’


Wenlock – a GWR BLT at its best.  Wenlock is a lovely little model that beats my prejudices against this prototype!

Apa – or what to do with an IKEA storage box

Dawes Lane

West Sussex N-mod.  (They do run trains as well as talk!)

Millfield Yard

Alpenbahn – John Brightwell has not only changed to DCC, but has turned this modular system into a continuous run, making it easier to exhibit.

A Taste of Japan.  Naked Kato seems to entertain even the purist, judging by the number of show invites that Paul gets.

And last but not least, Little Oak Common.

The show was followed by the traditional curry in Redhill, and I got home at 9pm.  It’s taken a couple of days to recover, but it’s all worth while when one gives a lot of people a lot of entertainment!

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