ESNG meeting – 2 May 2019

Busy couple of days, and didn’t get around to blogging – I did something useful instead!

Thursday’s ESNG meeting didn’t really happen.  Our hall had become a polling station, so we moved into the church itself (of similar size) to meet.  By 7:30 there were just the three of us, and by 7:45 that had grown to five.  So we didn’t bother with running, but had a useful chat about future exhibitions – and a lot of other things.

Inspired by Little Aller Junction at the NESCOTT show, I have been continuing to play with Smallbrook Junction on the Isle of Wight as a simple junction layout.  With a little compression between junction and road bridge, I came up with this 5 x 1 ft design.  I am still playing with the fiddle yard design.  A train turntable at each end would be one option, but for exhibitions looping each end to make a continuous circuit might be best.

With it, one could model scenes like this….

Or really run trains from any region with a touch of Rule 1.

But there’s nothing new under the sun – a modular layout with end loops on an LMS signal training layout in 1925.

LMS_4223light, 22/11/02, 10:16 am, 8C, 3690×4420 (38+363), 62%, straight 6 sto, 1/15 s, R59.0, G34.0, B58.0


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