Epsom Show – 2019 #2

Herstmonceux in ‘OO’ models the LBSCR in Sussex.  A rural location, but as with anywhere south of London, the opportunity to run plenty of trains up to the ‘smoke’.

Fintonagh (O-16.5) models an imaginary terminus on the 3′ gauge Clogher Valley Railway, and its interesting (including early internal combustion) rolling stock.

Northallerton in ‘N’ models the East Coast Main Line in the privatisation era.  A massive layout, and quite impressive, but I went away thinking that size isn’t everything!  But that’s just me, and it was an excellent example of what can be done in ‘N’.


More O-16.5 (and a little O-9) with Wittendon.

Wolfe Low (in O) has a mixture of LMS pre-grouping stock and an interesting quarry area.


St Georges Dock (in O) featured some lovely ship modelling.


Vale of Oxbury in ‘N’ is a lovely piece of modelling.  A wide range of trains pass through this Western Region junction station, and the scenery has plenty to look at, too.


I was correct in saying that there were three ‘N’ gauge layouts at the show, but last and not least in our review is Llangerisech, GWR ex-Cambrian, in 2mm fine scale.  Another well travelled exhibition layout, it’s always worth a look, not least for its reliable operation.  My only criticism was that the layouts very good fluorescent lighting seemed to be in phase with my phone, and my photos came out very dark (but could be adjusted).


All in all, a very pleasant exhibition, visited with good company and with a high standard of layouts and some inspiration.  Trade-wise, I came away with a couple of wagon kits to add to my collection of unbuilt models.  Well, if the wind dies down, I can get on with spray painting my LV coaches – my spray booth is the front drive, and the latest gales passing though have made this impossible.

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