The Bartlett’s in Berlin – 2 – repost

Larger trains today……

Just next to the Warstrauer Str. U-Bahn station was the S-Bahn station and the DB main lines.  I suppose in UK London terms, the U-Bahn is like London Underground, whilst the S-Bahn is more like London commuter trains – the stations are further apart and the lines are generally above ground.  The S-Bahn trains we travelled on looked to have more wear and tear than the U-Bahn – perhaps new units are due.  Both systems use a raised 3rd rail, as shown below.  I guess this system is easier to keep going in the winter snow, and not prone to complete failure, like the low-level UK system.

b-2-1 b-2-2 b-2-3

Next to the station were carriage sidings, mainly holding sleeping car trains.  I was pleased to see that DB also have a problem with graffiti.  And even more delighted to see a real-life Talgo train parked in a siding.  These lightweight carriage sets, with a single pair of wheels on each carriage, fascinate me.  I’ve always admired models of them, but the real thing was even better.  Not sure I want to travel on one though – I’d rather have 8 wheels under me.

b-2-4 b-2-5

On the other side were the DB main line tracks, coming in from what would have been East Germany in the past.  There was an interesting mixture of ICE high speed trains, inter-city locomotive hauled stock, and local multiple units.  And what to me seemed a rather antique diesel helping shut the yard.  No goods trains, though, so close into the centre of the city.  The civil engineering work being carried out appears to be adding more main line running tracks.  It was good to see a system that is actively adding capacity to its lines.

b-2-6b-2-8 b-2-7 b-2-9 b-2-10

My next, and last, post of Berlin will return to the U-Bahn.

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