Our regular holiday interlude – 5 – and ESNG meeting 4 July 2019

Just 7 members at last night’s meeting, with a good number on holiday.  We worked on a ‘lay your own track’ basis, and initially only joined up the inside and outside lines, as only two people had trains to run.  Then Peter arrived, so we added a third circuit.  But it was a sociable evening at the end of a lovely sunny day.


Meanwhile, back in Switzerland…..

Started off cool but got hotter as we travelled but on returning to hotel we alighted into rain.

Today we travelled via Interlaken to Olten where we took a Geneva train to Yverdon-les-Bains passing Lakes Biel and Neuchatel. From Yverdon-les-Bains we used local trains to Payerne, Kerzers and on to Bern. We had hoped to catch the German ICE train back to Interlaken but found the service showing as an Ersatzzug and it turned out to be a Swiss Inter City train.

Lauterbrunnen, looking up from ramp to station

Lake Thun


Lake Biel

Lake Neuchatel

Station forecourt Yverdon Les Bains

Outside Interlaken Ost station. First picture is of the infinity pool.



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