Thirteen hardy members turned up for the ESNG AGM on Wednesday.  A useful meeting, though our past president was probably turning in his grave as we failed to match the procedures of a multinational boardroom.

Best outcome was probably a new move to encourage module building by having working evenings – still running trains but encouraging members to come and build something as well.  We’ll see how they go….

But we need to move from business to trains.   Here are a couple of Brian’s recent videos of the real thing…

Just back from the Harz Mountains! Eight changes of train on the way back …..

A busy junction in Wernigerode:

And a history of Horley:

For those who like history (with a bit of railway thrown in), here’s a project I worked on last year called ‘Horley Now and Then’, which takes in the station being built and ye olde level crossing:

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