Our regular holiday interlude – 12

Starting with today’s weather forecast…..

An overcast day and cooler with a few spots of rain late afternoon.

Made our way by bus and train via Kussnacht and Luzern to Giswil from where we took one of only three postbuses a day via Sorenberg to Schupfheim. The start of the way to Sorenberg was up narrow roads with passing places and hairpin bends. We started with only 6 on board including the driver but when we stopped at a large parking area we picked up a large group of infant school children with their teachers/guides. They were well behaved until they got off 20 minutes later in Sorenberg. Everytime the driver sounded his horn on the hairpin bends they clapped. From Schupfheim we took a train back to Luzern walked over to the quays to pick up steam paddle boat to Brunnen. Here we had a rest overlooking the lake before taking a bus back to the hotel

I trust Allan & Ron also clapped on the bends…..

View from train leaving Kussnacht



On ascent from Giswil to Sorenberg


Steam paddle boat on Lake Lucerne



Post Hotel Viznau


Brunnen (plus Allan’s elbow)


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