Kai Tak landings

Not railways, I know, but whilst wasting a little time on YouTube, I came across these Hong Kong, Kai Tak airport, landing videos.  They brought back some good memories of visits to Hong Kong, and the spectacular landing as one arrived.

It was claimed to be the 6th most dangerous landing in the world.  Aim at the checkerboard on Checkerboard Hill, turn sharp right over the rooftops and drop onto the runway – but don’t overshoot, as the runway ended sticking out into the harbour.  However, I always thought it was pretty safe, as the pilots were always wide awake, with clenched teeth and buttocks.

There was the case of the Chinese plane that overshot and drowned the crew, but it was thought that there were a couple of extras in the cockpit and they were playing mahjong….

From the cockpit….

And a longer version…

More my usual view (though mostly further back in the plane!)

It could get exciting when a typhoon was in the region….

And the beautiful Concorde makes an appearance.  Bet that was loud for the houses under the flightpath!

Funny how it always seems to be raining!

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