Strange mojos and smells

I’d like to do a ‘What’s on my workbench’ post, but I have to be honest and say that there is very little there, and it’s gathering dust.  I’m suffering from a mojo loss and an acute case of indecisiveness (I used to be uncertain but now I’m not so sure…..)  I need to get down to some modelling again, as I know it’s great fun.  But where do I start?

Thanks, Paul, for this on Facebook.  I feel that my feet can barely touch the pedals.  So please do cut me some of that slack.

Or maybe my modelling is like this locomotive graveyard at Thessaloniki, in Greece (from the Daily Mail, of all places.)  I wonder if it’s still there!

Thessaloniki, Greece — Rusty steam locomotives abandoned at a locomotive graveyard at Thessaloniki, in Greece. The hulks include those of an American S160, Austrian 2-10-0 and 2-8-0, and other 2-8-0 steam locomotives. — Image by © Colin Garratt; Milepost 92 ½/CORBIS

But I did enjoy this link, from my old home of Kennington.

‘Smells of sick’: tube users ponder the Kennington pong

What is causing the vile stink at the south London station, passengers are asking TfL

Could it be an undeclared chemical spill by a secretive branch of the military? Or perhaps even the stench from bodies left over from the Black Death? Or is it just … burgers? Deep below London it is a mystery that been getting up the nostrils of tube users already struggling in recent weeks from rising temperatures……

More likely a kebab than burgers, methinks?

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