Couple of links

Just returned from a rather windy and wet weekend in Wales (how about that for alliteration?)  Worst disruption on the roads, though, was following a large flock of sheep up a single track road.  So just a couple of links today….

Duncan sent me this tiny model a while back with the comments:

Jon, don’t know if you’ve seen this… surely the smallest working model railway!  Duncan

I replied….

Wonderful! Bit of a challenge for Ian Redman and his mini layouts.  But I could get a bit bored with operating it…. Jon

And Duncan had the final word….

It’s a bit more limited operationally than Minories, but imagine how easy it is to setup at a show!  Duncan

And in contrast, here’s an interview (in German) of a recent N Club International meet.  Those who have been to Stuttgart with ESNG will recognise some characters in the interviews, and there are some excellent modules later on in the clip.

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