Farnham & District MRC 2019 #2

One of my favourites from the show was Midland Sidings (P4) modelling the Midland Railway around Birmingham in 1920.  Lots of excellent industrial buildings, and some very attractive wagons on show.  I’ve added the track plan.  It started life as an Iain Rice idea, but has grown and evolved from that, adding the low level yard and canal basin.

Bevois Park and St Denys (N) could almost be mistaken for an N-mod layout, with its 4-track main line.  But it’s a 1990 representation of about 1/2 a mile of main line near Southampton.  Plenty of interesting stock on display (though at one point when I was watching, they had a few electrical problems, and it was more like SouthWest Trains than Network SouthEast.)

Durham Road TMD (O) is loosely based on the depot at Hither Green.  It’s one layout where sound seems to work.  Unlike some depot layouts that have the sound wound up too high, Durham Road just has a gentle tickover in the background.  And there are some beautiful diesel models (and occasional steam specials) on show, though I hate to think what the insurance value of the layout is.  Just down the line is one of the best modelled set of allotments that I have seen.  You can work out what the plants are!

Ashbury Wharf (OO9) has been renovated from the original built as an OO layout in 1968, but soon converted to narrow gauge.

One more set of photos from Farnham to go….

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