Tolworth Showtrain 2019 – 2

I do enjoy catching favourite layouts for another look.  Netherwood Sidings (O) is one of those, with its DC overhead electrics and endless mineral wagons in the siding.  They were having an ESNG type problem when I passed by – poor alignment between baseboards.

The Western Front ‘Somewhere in France’ (OO9), together with realistic gunfire.

And a world war later – Bigbury (oo).

The Yard (7mm scale) is a cut above the average shunting layout – automation includes working lorries and travelling crane.

Harlyn Pier (O) is again well-travelled, but I’ll always watch that Beattie Well Tank!

Three smallish Isle of Wight layouts (OO) linked together was one of my highlights.  Ventnor West, St. Lawrence under construction, and Merstone made a rather fine display.

2mm finescale excellence at St Ruth.  Another well modelled beach.  When I was watching, one of the operators challenged some youngsters to spot the 6 bicycles on display – somewhere.  I managed a good, round, zero (and there again, I’m no youngster.)

It’s goodbye from Ferrocarril San Maria (HO).  Ian Milroy has been exhibiting this lovely layout for 5 years or so, and it’s now retiring.

And finally, this is what it looks like from the other side of the layouts – a little bit of trouble with the 3-link couplings on Clayton West!

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