Model Railway Journal no. 274 – Wise words

I took the day off from visiting exhibitions last Saturday – nothing very close, and I had already posted flyers to all 5 of them.  So, a more reflective blog today.

I’ve started to get just the one model railway magazine regularly – the Model Railway Journal. I may not be able to emulate the scratch-builders described therein, but it is a regular inspiration for my modelling.

Issue 274 has the most excellent Blueball Summit layout featured – a rare N gauge layout in a very fine scale magazine.  But I was drawn to Jerry Clifford’s fine editorial, talking about the health benefits of model trains.  A few quotes follow….

When asked about the hobby, Iain [Rice] replied that it was “essentially a pointless activity, it’s not going to get anyone a meal on the table or save someone’s life, but it might save someone’s sanity.”

The links between craft hobbies and mental health and wellbeing have been the subject of numerous studies….

“…. studies which have demonstrated that craft hobbies, when done on a regular basis, can improve mood, increase feelings of relaxation and combat depression….”

“Maurice Hopper…. introduces us to the concept of slow modelling….  producing something of ones own….”

“At the end of the day we are big boys and girls making and playing with trains.  It is essentially a pointless activity.  However, as with many seemingly pointless pursuits, the benefits are far more profound than simply the material objects we create.”

Sensible words, and worth remembering!

This week the team head for Stuttgart, and there is no ESNG meeting.  A report on the show will follow…..

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