Stuttgart – 2019 – 1

I made a shorter visit to the Stuttgart show this year – just the weekend – but Maxine and Michael flew out with me.  However, for some the show still started on the previous Monday when we loaded up Allan’s truck for the drive out to Stuttgart.  Using his car has worked well for the past few years.  We take out a smaller exhibit, but save the van hire.  Nevertheless, there’s still a lot to go in, what with modules, suitcases, scones and beer.

Three views of our setup at the show.  Raysden formed the main centrepiece.  Overall, everything ran well for the four days, and we were on a good part of the system and received plenty of trains from ‘Spain’, on the left below.

A train passes through Raysden….

And a long American passenger train…

I only took a few pictures this year, but I really liked this set of modules based on a real location in central France.  The houses and businesses are built into the cliff face, with chimneys in the hillside above.

This stand-alone layout was also from a French club…

There was the now-regular Japanese module, from a Hiroshima school and sponsored by Kato.

I really liked this set of modules of a coastal causeway.  Very simple, but the beaches and groynes are most realistic, and it’s just a great location to watch trains go by.

The West Sussex group were representing the N Gauge Society…..

This model of Canfranc, on the Spanish/French border reappeared, and more work had been done on it.  Such a massive building that is in the middle of nowhere in real life.

The module next to us was not connected into the main layout, but stood on its own, showing some neat modelling.

Maxine and I had a look round the other halls.  New this year was the ‘Pet and Animal’ hall, including this rabbit Grand National.  The rabbits weren’t that keen…

And finally, ‘My husband took me to Stuttgart and all I got was this lousy bucket.’  (And it was a freebie from the pet show.)

Well, that’s Stuttgart for another year.  I suspect I shall be back in 2020 – it’s hard work, but a lot of fun, and you run into old friends every year.  I will post a few pictures hijacked from Allan & Sean’s Facebook page next time.

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