NGSE – 2020 January update

NGSE 2020 is getting close!

We had another visit to Reigate College this week to check out a few things, and show a couple of club members the site.  I had invested in a laser measure, and was (a) impressed as to how easy it was to measure up a complex hall, and (b) equally amazed as to how accurate Sean and I had been with a tape measure.

We’ve had a couple of minor changes and additions to exhibitors, so I think that we will end up with 16 layouts, 10 traders and 3 organisations at the show.

It should be a good one….

And if you need something to whilst waiting for the show, Duncan sent me this:

Hi Jon,

I found this interesting site showing the realtime position of all the trains (and buses?) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands!

Thought you might like it.


And, hijacked from Facebook, here are a few of the layouts that Sean has booked for the day….


And more…. And plenty of traders.  Should be a good day!!!

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