Covid-19 diary #5

Well, Saturday should have been holding our annual model railway show, N Gauge SouthEast.  Inevitably cancelled.  But some people don’t give up that easily!  Good one Christopher Tank Parker and we’ll make you wear it next year.

Meanwhile, back in the loft, I made a decision as to my N-club modules.  I took a tenon saw to the 1200mm board, and it’s now just 900mm or so long.  Still heavy, but a lot easier to move around.  As I get older, it’s not so much the weight of the thing, but its bulk.

I refitted the N-club end plate, conveniently against an internal former.  All the original sidings are the same length, but the main line is a bit shorter.  And it fits better into the loft space.

I’ve also finished the creamery building.  A bit rough in places, but an enjoyable build.  And it’s not a shake the box job – it’s all my own work.

I now need to relay the track on the main line, that I trimmed back to enable me to cut the board.  I think my Xuron track cutters are still in the church in the ESNG toolbox?  I may have to rescue them on my next visit to check the building and mail box.

And to brighten up your day, obviously a prospective ESNG member on the right?

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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