Odd modelling ideas #3345

Just a potpourri of photos and things today!

Makes me cold just looking at it!  There’s a little bit of snow still on the ground at Sayre, on the Lehigh Valley.  Evocative photo, including some early container traffic….

Here’s one to model in ‘N’ – tractor shunting.  In fact it has been done, but the tractor has to push the (British) wagons, rather than tow them.  But shunting with a large British Railways horse – that would be a real challenge….

Dover Marine would make a good model.  (It has been done, but this view foreshortens a large yard into model size.)

Here’s a scenic cameo for you – repainting a zebra crossing.  Of course, if you are of a certain age you’ll recognise this as no ordinary crossing – Abbey Road’s markings have no doubt been worn down by thousands of tourists.

And finally, all this modelling time is all very well, but I wouldn’t mind a walk in the woods!  It would be bluebell time, somewhere out there….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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