Repost – Java junction

Been a bit busy in the garden today – so here’s a repost from 2013, with the pictures enlarged.  I’d love to go back there, but perhaps not in 2020!!!!

Keeping the overseas flavour, here are four shots of Banjar, Java, and some Indonesian trains.  A modelling point I liked are the grassed areas between tracks.  You don’t see those at Clapham Junction!

And a bit of added pure tourism from that project.  The Acip made the best fried noodles that I had ever tasted – and they still haven’t been bettered!

And Pangandaran was the local ‘seaside’ for the occasional weekend escape.  Once served by a branchline from Banjar, and some of the viaducts are still in place.

And Borobudur, a 9th century Buddhist stupa in central Java.  I think that I’ve visited it three times, and it’s one of the most impressive sites that I’ve ever been to.

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