Covid-19 diary #6

Modelling has slowed over the last few days, as Maxine has recruited me into the garden.  I’m no good at constructive gardening, but demolition…..  We were amazed to find that our old shredder is still working, despite going a bit rusty in places in a leaking shed, so I’ve begun to work though Maxine’s comprehensive prunings!

But I have got a little work done, starting the build of two NGS Gresley full brake kits.  Nice models, and easy to put together (so far) despite a few fiddly bits…

I suspect that I won’t have to use the Ultima nickel-silver sides that are in my gloat box….

Next project – a pair of Thompson ‘Deal sided’ full brakes.  Should be easy to put together, as it has rectangular sides and ends with no tumblehome on the sides.

I suspect quite a few of us have got some modelling done recently.  Brian is no exception.

Isolation Made me Do This

Dear All,

A bit of fun amongst the endless doom and gloom

Stay safe!



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