My local line

Living here in deepest Earlswood, we are situated in the triangle between the Brighton main line (at the bottom of the garden of our last house, on the opposite side of our road), and the Redhill-Tonbridge line.  One reason for a lack of modelling time recently (apart from gardening) has been my daily perambulation, on a 1.5 mile circular route.  Having passed under the Tonbridge line, I cross it again on the way home.

Here the line curves into Redhill.  It’s a pretty stretch of railway, though I suspect that those trees weren’t there in steam days due to embankment fires!

And in the other direction, the dead straight line to Tonbridge.  There is barely any deviation of direction from here to Ashford, and it must be one of the longer lengths of straight line in the UK.  Google can only recommend somewhere in Yorkshire, but of course nothing rivals the 478 km of the Ghat across the Australian interior!  A prototype for modular model railways?

It would have been nice to have seen a train – they do occur, now the landslip on the line has been repaired.  But the sun was shining and the birds were singing and it’s a lovely spot to spend a few minutes most days.

I came across this great postcard of an ex-Southern 6-PUL unit.  These would have been on the main Brighton line.  A really classy train, full of character!

This coach would have been more likely – an SECR 1st saloon (Photo from ‘Transport in Old Photographs’ Facebook page.

And another random EMU picture to close for the day.

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