Covid-19 diary #16

Well, I’d hoped to show and tell a completed GWR bullion van today.  I’ve built the bogies, but when I looked at the body, there was a line of glue on the body side below the roof, where I’d reinforced the soldered joint.  It would have been obvious if I’d left if with such a slab-sided prototype, so I got the paint stripper out and took the body back to brass.  And then rubbed down the offending area.  After a coat of primer today, it looks a whole lot better.

I have made progress with the other workbench projects.  The two LMS horsebox bodies are primed, and one chassis complete.  And I went back to the Gresley full brakes to add the final details.  I confess that I left off a little bit of the pipework, especially after I found that it had broken on the sprue.  There’s now a little touching up of the paintwork needed, and these will be complete.

I’m also thinking of the next project.  I think that it might be a couple of these, though I have some more NGS and other plastic kits to build – this time of rather simpler vans.

Anyone spot the potential donor body and chassis?

I can, however, offer the usual modelling challenges.  Model of Newcastle, anyone?

And this colour picture of the quayside at Wells-next-Sea, Norfolk, in the 1930’s just oozes character and demands to be built.  The prototype used horses for shunting, but surely a tram engine could be excused?

And here’s one for the cameo modeller.  One for the high street (thank you N Gauge Forum.)  I understand that the sign was quickly replaced!

And one for the lineside. Who will be the first to ‘model’ this?? (Thanks, Paul.)

Nude sunbather mistaken for dead body near railway line in Essex

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