Covid-19 diary #17

Well, here’s the end results of the last few week’s modelling.  A GWR bullion van and two LMS horseboxes.  All could be better, but all look pretty good to me.  I’ve really enjoyed building the etched bogies and chassis, and it’s wonderful how the multiple layers of etched detail give the right appearance.  I think the main bonuses are that the etched items are narrower than standard ‘N’ items, and more to scale that way, and that thin bits, like the W-irons on the horseboxes are suitable thin.

I did make a mess of some of the brake gear, but that was more detail than the original kit had anyway!

Elsewhere, the two Gresley full brakes are waiting for the roof to be painted and fitted and some touching up of paintwork.  And new buffers for one, as I broke one fitting the corridor connections.  Brass buffers look better and are stronger, even if they may not be quite the right type.

All the vehicles need numbering and lettering – simple enough if tiny for BR.  I must order some Fox transfers, I guess.  And they need couplings.  I seriously considered fitting these vehicles with DG or B&B couplings, but having tried making them, it was too much like hard work.  I can solder up a 2mm chassis, but those little couplings defeated me.  I reluctantly decided to stick with the standard ‘N’ Arnold style coupling.  Dapol knuckles look a little better, but are very expensive.  The horse boxes can easily have couplings fitted, using those in the kits or Dapol conversion kits.  The Gresley’s have NEM pockets.  I thought that the bogies for the bullion van could prove difficult, but it turns out that the NGS coupling pockets – rejected as useless for my Warwells – will work very well here.  Moral of the story, never throw anything away.

I must try and complete the Gresley’s tomorrow, then look to something new.  Perhaps one of these?  A 1991 London promotional vehicle for the then new TravelCards.  That’s what I call a real-life kit-bash!

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