Minories – the next generation

There’s been a flurry of ‘Minories’ discussion again on RMWeb.  And here are a few of the new ideas.

Probably the optimum Minories arranagement, using two ‘Y’ points to reduce the reverse curves and straighten the platform.

An ‘almost’ Minories – it has a facing point entering the station, unlike the traditional plan.  This is more a scale version – it uses B6 points throughout, but is still quite compact.

I like this one.  Only two platforms, but extremely compact with some interesting pointwork.  This is drawn for PECO ‘OO’ points, but something similar would work in ‘N’.

American Minories.  A city Union Station, where the trains back into the station from the main line through the triangular junction.  The interest is in the switching to remove the head end cars and reform trains.  And latterly, USA passenger trains could be very short, so this layout could be operated fairly prototypically.

Finally, two different takes on the urban terminus.  In ‘O’ gauge, this layout omits one of the Minories crossovers.  Either it is assumed to be in the fiddleyard, or it is operated with one arrival and one departure platform.

And Priory Road – 2mm Finescale, and 5 feet long, modelling an urban terminus in deepest Essex.

Hope that’s given you all a few ideas!

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