Ron’s Rovings – day 1

It’s about the time of year we would usually get lots of exotic holiday snaps and pictures of Swiss cakes from Allan and Ron.  But Covid-19 has rather put pay to that.  Ron writes:

Following the need to cancel our Swiss holiday at end of May due to COVID19, I am having to take my 2 weeks summer leave during the next 2 weeks.

I am therefore taking day trips using my rail staff perks and bus pass. Today I travelled to Guildford. From there I took the bus to Alton for a connecting bus to Winchester. Due to engineering  work there are no trains south of Winchester, so by the skin of my teeth just managed to catch the hourly train back to London. This was a short trip to get me in the mood for my planned longer trips during the next 2 weeks

So we have some exotic English countryside coming up over the next couple of weeks!  And with typical English summer weather, too….

Starting in deepest Purley….

Clapham Junction, gateway to almost anywhere with a replacement bus service….

Guildford.  They are trying to redevelop all this area.  Please to see the local natives are all wearing masks.  Probably just trying to hide from Ron?

I spent a fair amount of time over the years standing on here waiting for a train back to Redhill, having lectured at Surrey University….

Broadway, Winchester. King Arthur statue in background.  Pity it wasn’t a King Arthur locomotive…..

Winchester bus station….

And Winchester station.  It has kept some of its character from steam days….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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