Ron’s Rovings – day 2

Wasn’t expecting anything from Ron till next week, but fortunately here’s another contribution.  Good job too, as I was clean out of ideas for the blog this week.

Did not expect to go out today as an engineer was coming to service our boiler but he had gone by 12.30 so decided to take a fairly local trip. Took train to London Bridge then tube to Bank for DLR to Becton changing at Westferry. Unfortunately due to COVID it no longer possible to travel at the very front of the train. From Beckton took a bus to Barking and what appeared to be a tour of the area doubling back on more than one occasion to serve retail centres/supermarkets. From Barking it was train to West Ham for tube to London Bridge for train home.

Once again we start in deepest Purley.  A good shot of one of the NHS supporting carriages.  They’d make a good model.

More conventionally coloured Southern units at Norwood Junction.

London Bridge Station.  Despite the occasional critique as to the remote location of the toilets, I think this is a superb development.  Though I did rather like it in the 1960’s, with antique EMU’s running out of the Brighton side.

Docklands Light Railway trains at Westferry.

The DLR deport at Poplar.

DLR and buses at Beckton.  Ron, you do visit some exotic places.  My professional interest in Beckton was that it has a massive sewage treatment works, dealing with the northern half of central London.  I analysed the hydraulics of some parts of it.  It all comes out into the Thames through the prosaically named Northern Outfall Sewer.  I recall my father saying, “He’d fall into the Northern Outfall Sewer and come out covered in roses.”

And trains at Barking.  Never heard of ‘C2C’ before – I must live a sheltered life….

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