It Ain’t Half Hot Mum – 2

Still too hot to do anything useful!  I was about to have a go at another project, and we hit 35C.  Not a lot one can do till the weather breaks.  Maybe tomorrow?

So I’ve just got a few modelling challenges to share.  Here are three possible Terrier repaints here. But if I did one, I bet Dapol would bring them out in weeks!

A 4-SUB unit at East Croydon station.  Note the Southern concrete signal gantry.  Looks a bit different now….

And a 2-BIL.  Another REAL EMU!

Another pukka EMU – a 6PUL this time…

LSWR splendour….

Heading into the New World, two very modellable scenes.  Ohio….

And somewhere down south….

And the real modelling challenges for the day.  Another picture of Bubblecars at Brighton.  This is so tempting to model, but you can’t even get a 3D printed one in ‘N’.

Now, I’d like to see this work in ‘N’.  They don’t look very happy with life….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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