Ron’s Rovings – last day

Good call, Ron, getting out and about when we were all melting at home!

After days visiting family and friends and a planned quiet weekend I did one last journey today as the weather was hot and sunny. Travelled up to Clapham to catch the hourly service to Bournemouth at 8.08. From tbe station it was buses all the way to Portsmouth changing at Bournemouth town centre, Lymington and Southampton.

Eastleigh Yards

Southampton Docks

Bournemouth Station (no views of the beach, Ron?)

Bournemouth.  That bus has got a bit of a lean on it!

Lymington.  Hasn’t changed much from May Day 1978, when I went out for the day with Maxine and we got very wet and cold, and a tree fell across the line on the Lymington Branch…..


So that’s it from Ron this summer.  Will he escape to Europe next time?  Your guess is as bad as mine….

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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