ESNG meeting – probably no?

Well, having read and reread the government guidance, I’ve reluctantly concluded that we can only entertain 6 members at a meeting at present.  If we have more than 6, we have to have 2 groups and they are not allowed to socialise.  Unfortunately, I like all the club members, so we can’t split into warring groups!

And I quote (my bold text)…..  “In practice, however, this will make it difficult for some activities to take place without breaking the law. Activities where there is a significant likelihood of groups of more than six mingling – and therefore breaking the law – should not take place until further COVID-19 Secure guidance has been developed and approved to enable the activity to happen safely. This may include extended tour groups, large banquet dinners, society or club meetings, or amateur music or drama rehearsals.”

However, I note that an exception to the ‘rule of six’ is support groups – “formally organised groups to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support.”  This includes recovering addicts.  The way we all buy trains, I’m not sure about the recovering bit……

Still little modelling, but a lovely autumn day’s weather, so we visited Winchelsea and Hastings.  Mrs Bartlett had a paddle and I watch a procession of gulls and terns along the beach, before lunch with one of her old friends.

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