Peco don’t do this….

Going the rounds on RMWeb and Facebook is this rather strange piece of pointwork, that is at the bottom of an incline leading to Mapperley Brickworks in Nottingham.

On the left there is a catch pit to protect the bottom of the incline.  However, there seems to be two different and separate routes to it.  In a word, why????

Best suggestion is that it gives double protection to the incline – you have to get two sets of points set correctly to prevent stock running into the dead end.  Model this and wait for the admiring comments!!!!

And a contribution from Phil….

I was Googling for early film actors ( for reasons entirely unconnected to what I am going on about, here! )

Google saw fit to show me an article: The 1895 “First Movie Ever Made” Gets Visually Stunning 4K Restoration.  Within it, it showed a restored movie of the Lumiere Brothers short ‘Arrivée d’un train à la Ciota’ (‘Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat’).

This grabbed me because the restoration techniques used was of interest to me, AND because it was about an early Railway Train!

Well! *I* thought it was interesting!  Take care, stay safe!  Phil.

This is indeed a stunning restoration.  You could almost believe that it was Northern Trains Pacer replacements!  Of course, culture vulture that I am, the only early film actors I know are Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble…..

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