Monday miscellany

Was this really published 30 years ago?

I still think this is the most influential book on railway modelling ever published.  It introduced a string of new concepts into modelling – for example the ‘cameo’ layout, and ‘staged’ layouts with a proscenium arch – ideas that are now nearly universal.  I still browse it for inspiration – completely recommended.

It introduced a string of buildable model railway designs, some quirky, many brilliant.  I was always struck by ‘Cannonsgate Goods Depot.’  I tried to work our how to build this in a small space in ‘O’ gauge (this was pre-ESNG days), but failed (as is usually the case.)  It was about the same time that ‘Lightermans Yard’ was started in 2mm Fine Scale to the same plan.  Perhaps I should have done the same?

Meanwhile, here are a couple of lovely pictures of the Brighton main line in the 1920’s – at Earlswood, a stones throw from our present home.  I wish these locos were still running!

And finally, at least one ESNG member is playing trains!  Well done, Uncle Allan….

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