Covid-19 diary #31

Not much modelling progress, but pre-lockdown I did raid Champions in Dorking and came back with a stock of 6mm plywood.  The wood is all flat – the photo makes it look twisted.

I’ve been looking at the mysterious boxes found on top of my daughter’s wardrobe.  Some interesting models came to light!

First, a LTSR full brake, scratch built in plastikard in EM gauge.  I think that I’ll keep this one, as it’s probably the best model that I put together in my early modelling years.

Next, unfinished but looking good, a GER 2-2-2 express locomotive.  Probably dating from just after university, and scratch built in ‘OO’ in brass.  Interestingly, the single driver is an old Hambling’s wheel, plastic centred with a brass tyre.

It was to be powered by a home-built tender drive, using a K’s Mk 2 motor.  These motors had a certain reputation – you might get a good one, or you might get one with the pulling power of a rice pudding.

Rather later, a set of four LBSCR Stroudley 4-wheel coaches, in plastikard.  I think I built these on my hotel desk in Hong Kong in 1991 over a period of months.

Detail was even down to proper seats in 1st class, with arm rests.

The end still needs some beading.

This document dates from 1961 or so, when my Dad and I were starting out with serious railways.  Note the early days of Graham Farish, then based not far from home in Bromley.

This ‘O’ gauge Slater’s wagon kit will date from the 1990’s, just pre-ESNG.  I’m going to keep it and build it!

But up for sale is this whitemetal kit for an O4 shunter, with tramway skirts.  4mm scale, dating from the 1980’s, and untouched.

And finally, a ‘T’ class London Transport coach.  All in whitemetal.  I might hang on to this, as well.

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  1. What a treasure trove!

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