Petts Wood, again, and Redhill

Two more excellent Petts Wood photos. Both are by Bryan Hardwick, who gave permission to post them.  They are on one of the link tracks around Petts Wood junction.  My grandparents lived 1/4 mile away, but the bottom of their garden backed onto the main four track main line, on a high embankment – so train spotting wasn’t so easy.  There are modelling possibilities here for a simple layout.  Here we have a single track line with the ‘Golden Arrow’ passing.  Of course, a model would only have trains running in one direction, but it could be interesting….

Meanwhile, in up-to-date Redhill, a friend complained a couple of weeks ago about the noise from the railway overnight.  Walking across the bridge over the main Brighton line, next to Earlswood Station, I saw these two new signals, that were probably the cause of the noise.   Just goes to show that shiny new signals do appear sometimes….

And my daily constitutional one day this week was timed to see both a train approaching Redhill from Tonbridge….

And one on the Brighton main line.  The driver even waved at me.  Couldn’t have been Sean, as I’d have got a different hand signal!

Finally, a lovely picture of Reigate Station in the 1960’s, and the Redhill shuttle, headcode 2.  Apologies if I’ve not got copyright for this one – but it’s such a lovely shot.

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