ESNG meeting – 18 November 2020

Zoom again tonight.  As ever, good to catch up with some of the ESNG members.   There were just the eight of us on the call, plus Maxine for a while, and briefly, two cats.

Starting out, we seemed to be missing a few people.  We got a blank look from Graham….

But all appeared in due time…

Phil (shown here) and Paul managed to show off a few trains….

Another very pleasant evening!  The standard of conversation was as bad as usual, with a wide range of irrelevant and relevant topics, including leaking underground tunnels, the diet secrets of Mr Dawes’ cats, and how long it takes to get to Cornwall.

I’m already looking forward to the December meeting!

Just to finish off….

The day a rebuilt Merchant Navy class ended up in Redhill shed.  Probably the only one to get there – it was pulling a football special, and had a mechanical problem.

The Brighton Belle clears East Croydon…..

And Norwood Junction shed in 1960.  One of the best laid out medium-sized sheds, that could be modelled.  The four-track main line lies to the left.  The shed is connected to the single-track line to the right, was (and still is) the down line from a flying junction.

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