We would have been in Stuttgart :-( – 1

Various members of ESNG would have descended on Stuttgart for the NCI meet this weekend.  We’re all missing a fun weekend, but there have been a number of posts remembering the past years.

Allan starts us off from 2018….

Spending the day getting things sorted for my trip to Stuttgart.

A pleasant message from Stefan….

Dear frieNds,

Thank you for the pile of great e-mails from all of you to remember that day !   TODAY we would have started playing with our trains – the trains of our frieNds.  Would have had talks and fun – had our soup of the day and in regular times would have been eagerly looking forward to THE evening!

Jaime did express this with this nice picture I want to share with you !  Also I think it’s a great idea – as Allen suggested : have a special dinner tonight ( and may I add: a good drink) and look over the pictures of the last 14 years…

(I added 4 of 2001 and 1 of 2006)

All my NCI-colleagues are fine. We had an online meeting this Monday.   We could see on the screens what promising new modules are in work!!!  And we will continue to do this. It gives you a feeling of being together.

This reminds me wishing Francesco Carlucci all the best in fighting his COVID-virus !!!!!!

Anyway let’s look forward !  The next ENSC will be at 18.-21. Nov. 2021.  Hopefully we will all look back to this all as a bad nightmare.

Stay safe – keep your good humour and feelings!  Be creative!!


Back to Allan, and 2015.

Spent to day setting up our part of the n-club international layout.  Before and after photos below.

More reminiscences tomorrow…..

And we’re all looking forward (we hope) to next year…..

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