ESNG meeting – 2 December 2020

ESNG members have been getting ready for the meeting – Allan and Phil please note!

Meanwhile, back at the meeting….

An evening where the technology seemed to come out on top.  Allan kept appearing, freezing, and disappearing, and this was blamed on the Purley internet, rather than the Cha(i)rman himself.  Even Ron couldn’t rescue him.  Chris tried to join us, could see us, but couldn’t hear anything.  When you think about the level of conversation, he might have had the better end of the deal.  Paul ran a few trains, and Simon had some more 3-D printing on display.  Once again, great to see everyone!

Mr Atfield apologised for his absence from Zoom.  You can teach an old dog some new tricks, but having mastered email, Zoom may still be step too far…..

Hi all. Just to let you know the Atfield is still alive and model making and slowly getting to grips with c.21 alien technology!
Thought some might be interested to see pics of some new modules in progress.  “Old town” is a straight dashboard with added backscene using s/hand buildings.  “Frenches” is similar with extra track to access bay platform on Peter Imms’ town module or others. Many buildings recovered from Reigate. A nod to Mr Apps with a caravan in a front garden and you might recognise a certain milkman delivering.  Finally a figure-8 low level “drive-a-train” module for exhibitions (ever hopeful) with a high level viaduct carrying 4 N-mod tracks.

The strange Cl.20 and wagon represent an adapted loco with exhaust scrubber unit used during construction of the Channel Tunnel.  I saw some pictures in a book and thought it would make an interesting conversion of a defunct Farish Cl.20!

Stay safe and have a peaceful Christmas.
Looking forward to some meetings in 2021, Derek.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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