ESNG modelling updates

Some snippets from around ESNG and friends….

Chris has been wagon building.

Hi Jon, hope all is going well. Just finished these two ex LSWR wagons. I have found your Ludgate article and photos very interesting!  With best wishes, Chris C

Brian has battled the elements.

Looking back, it was warmer in the garage during lockdown number one, than it is now!

Good to keep in touch with Duncan (who even reads this blog – poor lad.)

Hi Jon,

We’re all Ok too. Should have been in Germany for the last few weeks though, but that’s 2020 I guess. Hopefully, things might be a bit more normal by easter.

It looks like you’ve done a lot more modelling than me! You’re finally doing a minories! I went through your minories archive the other day, thinking about doing a modern-image version in T-Gauge. The points would obviously be difficult, but it would be small. I then realised that I could do a true-scale model of East Croydon from the bridge to the end of the platforms in about 1m, with no points… an interesting thought.

Mostly, I’m slowly progressing radio-controlling the oxford mercedes ambulance. I think I’m on about version 27 by now, but that’s how I work these days… print the parts out, change everything by 0.1mm, and print again.

I know there’s no NGSE in 2021, but hopefully we can all meet up early next year.


My parcel of FineTrax arrived yesterday.  I was glad that I had waited for it to arrive before setting out a full size track plan.  The downloadable B8 point template is slightly larger than the point in the flesh.   So I reprinted it at 96% of its size to get it right.  Interestingly, the Y-point template is spot on.

I suppose that I’d better get on planning the baseboards now – although there is a certain domestic pressure to write the Christmas cards – I recognise that phrase, “Isn’t it about time WE did the Christmas cards.”  For WE, read YOU….

Still, the contents of the box look rather interesting!

However, I wish I had one of these to lay my track for me…..

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  2. Love the track laying machine 🙂

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