Potpourri #1006

FineTrax parcel should arrive today.  In the meantime, here are a few inspiring photographs.  As ever, apologies if I have missed the copyright on these.

West Croydon station in Southern Railway days.  This station had an interesting layout, and pre-grouping had a loco shed and carriage sidings – later used to store EMUs.

In later days, the rare sight of a rebuilt Bullied Pacific on a van train at East Croydon.  (Photo by Charlie Verral)  There was an interesting track layout to these approach roads.

An ex-LBSCR C2x shunting at Bromley north in BR days.  One of the few British locomotives to have two domes – hiding Billington’s top feed apparatus.  To my eye, the single domed version looks far better….

Two pictures of the incredibly elegant LSWR Adams X3 4-4-0’s.  Mostly scrapped by Southern Railway days, but a single survivor, a T3 class, is preserved.  The second photograph is from before WW1, and is an empty milk train.

And this coloured picture is of Vauxhall, unloading milk churns onto the platform.  In later days, milk tank wagons unloaded into a piped system, that was then pumped across to the milk bottling plant.  For the rest of the day, the platform was host to a string of suburban trains, next stop Waterloo.  The ‘Elephant and Castle’ pub, seen over the first van, existed until the late 1990’s, when it became a Starbucks.

An equally elegant LBSCR H1 Atlantic in BR days.

Beauty and the beasts?  Exeter St David’s, and two Z class 0-8-0T bankers return to their starting place by piloting a Bullied Pacific heading a passenger service.

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