ESNG meeting – 6 January 2021

First meeting of 2021, as we go into tier 5 or more, and lockdown once again.  One day, we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when.  Oh dear, I feel a song coming on!

No Mr Dawes this evening….

Sad to say on early start in the morning. Started the week with 14 people off. Holidays/sick. Only 12 off at the moment for the morning. Still got to get 9 rounds covered. But not me luckily. Just going in to cover the depot and do stocks. Please give my regards to the lads. Speak to you soon.

At least, as Allan admitted, he’s close to the tea and the toilet….

We got a fair turnout of seven punters.

Paul ran plenty of trains…..

And Peter showed off his tram layout….

Meanwhile, Simon has done some shopping:

A lovely European Rheingold train, plus something even more interesting….

Hi Jon, Forgot to send you this for the blog perhaps?  I ordered brass foil from China on Ebay – got dried starfish!

(PS My own view is that they are not good to eat, and useless for your model railway – bit too big for N gauge.)

And Martin is making progress with a new layout to replace St Elizabeth Street.  Moving faster than me, with a little design consultancy from Sean:

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