‘OO9’ – Jon’s old trains #5

Turning out a few more boxes, and found some early, probably teenage, modelling.  My two favourite railway books at that time were these…..

Don Boreham’s book is a classic.  Instructions in how to scratchbuild all that was needed for a narrow gauge model.  The book also included some lovely track plans and scale drawings of locos and stock.  These were the days before plastikard, and this book got me modelling a Glyn Valley coach in ON16.5, using shellaced cardboard for the body and thread for the beading.  It looked surprisingly good.

The L&B book is again a classic, and an early example of a publication that included all aspects of that little line.  I still have both books.  At one time I had an almost working model of Woody Bay station in OO9.

And this is some of the OO9 stock that I found.  A Glyn Valley Tramway locomotive (minus its chimney.)  This predated the Peco cast model, and is on a Minitrains chassis, and is built of Plastikard – with embossed rivets, too.  One coach is two Eggerbahn German 4-wheeled coaches joined to make a single bogie coach.  The bogies have cast white metal sides made, I think, but K’s.  The little 4 wheel coach has lost its chassis and also is a GVT prototype.  The van is L&B.  The slate wagons are Minitrains with a plastic body.  Nothing really worked that well, but the end results aren’t that bad!

I also found a number of EM wheel sets.  But that’s another story, and they’re already on sale on the RMweb classifieds.

Next post will be a report of our latest ESNG Zoom meeting…..

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