A Minories of my own – 8 – mainly shopping

Cut the holes in the end of the shadowbox for the tracks to enter/exit.  I can think about building the other boards now, I guess.  I also need to think about legs or trestles for the layout, but that might have to wait for covid to subside, and an ‘essential’ visit to the woodyard.  I’ve also added the skypaper backscene.  There are a couple of poor joints to this, but they are on the ends of the layout, so won’t show much, if at all.

I then broke out this book to look at bridge designs.  It does just what it says on the can.  I bought it for £7 second-hand at a show, but it seems to go for £35 or so second-hand on Amazon these days.  Not something that I read often, but so useful when you need it!

Here are a couple of the drawings of overbridges – just what I need.

Google maps is so useful.  Here’s a girder bridge that is at the end of Waterloo station.

Ludgate in the fog shows the underbridge detail.  I think this can be modelled with plastikard strips on a sheet across the bridge, as there is not enough depth available to model the full depth of the girders.  Strips will look much as below.

Here’s another old Ludgate bridge, with some interesting stonework on the piers.

Modelling has paused for a day or three, whilst I wait for materials to be delivered – bricks, roadway, girders, and lighting for the long road bridges.  But I did pick up these three London Transport Guy Arab II utility buses for the roads.  A little early perhaps (last one went in 1953) for the layout, and they, like all the GF buses, were too small, being made in 1:160 scale.  However, they are lovely models, and will be perfect for the back of the layout.

And here’s the real thing in Southampton colours, with a USA tank shunting.

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